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Copa Air Sucks

Hear me out. Unpopular opinion: Copa Air sucks… even though their stop over program doesn’t.

I see so many influencers hype up this airline, but why is nobody talking about their bad customer service?

Originally we were supposed to go to Costa Rica in January 2023 and it took me an hour or two on the phone to get flight credit. Two hours.

Fast forward 10 months and we decide to book but once again, it took another hour and a half to book the flights. After getting off the call, I realized that I was listed as a Mr. on my itinerary. I would’ve called them again, but I was in the middle of a trip and didn’t want to be on the phone for another hour again. (Yes I do realize I was also at fault here for not calling them right away.

A month later, I had two phone calls. On the first call, the agent calmly told me that I was able to make that change online via a request form. I wish I had the agent with me on the phone as I tried to look for the link online, but I couldn’t find it on my own… which led to my second phone call.

On the second phone call I was told that I was going to be charged $400 to change my title from Mr. to Ms… which is unfair because this was the agent’s mistake in the first place. I ask to speak to a manager until it seems that I’ve reached the highlight level person on phones... the guy is equally as frustrated as me. He says he can reduce the price to $150 and I take it. Better than nothing, I guess. I probably won't be flying with them next time. Also don't be like me and actually call them back right away if something doesn't look right on your confirmation.


Copa Air is fine except for when you have reach customer service and either get airline credit, or to rebook flights with said credit.

Has anyone flown with Copa Air?

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