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Road Trip Tips and Essentials

With the weather getting nicer, masks mandates going and plane tickets soaring, I think that road trips will still be a huge travel method for this spring/summer and beyond.

Having just come back from a road trip myself and going on another one this next weekend, I thought it was helpful to share some tips for being on the road.

Cooking breakfast on the road. We packed eggs in our ice chest!

Besides wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, check out these tips:

1. Water Always bring a reusable water bottle full of water (or two!). If you're doing a multi-day road trip, it helps to have jugs of water in the car with you. On my last road trip, we brought three 5-gallon sized jugs of water that we used to refill our water bottles.

2. Snacks & Food Some ideas: Fresh fruit, dried fruit, individual small packaged yogurts, nuts, instant oatmeal - whatever you choose to pack, make sure you don't have to refrigerate it. IF you do, I suggest you bring...

3. An ice chest/cooler You can put in some drinks in here to chill, or keep small packs of yogurt

4. Instant Coffee

I don't need caffeine to survive, but if you do, I suggest you bring some. Being on the road means coffee may not be served. You can go to a gas station and get some warm water, or boil some (if you bring your own camping stove and pot).

5. Phone stand

In my car, mine attaches to the CD player. There are others that attach to the vent. It makes it easier to navigate/drive especially if you're going to unknown places.

A very windy day at Death Valley National Park

6. Sunglasses

Weather changes, and so does the way the light hits. Have your sunglasses close by so you can pop them on if it's too bright out.

7. Chapstick

This is small but mighty. I don't know about you, but this is one that I always have handy. Having chapped lips suck.

8. Music

Download and make your playlists ahead of time.

9. Be prepared Does your car need an oil change? Fill up on gas before you leave, check your tire pressure and make sure your windows are clean. You don't have to have a clean car before departure, but it helps! (More opportunities to look out at the scenery.) Decide ahead of time where you're going to sleep for the night(s).

If you're doing a multi-day road trip:

Camping spots in the Alabama Hills

10. Bring pillows, sleeping bag/extra quilts

11. Camp instead of staying in hotels

Is your car large enough that you can sleep in your car? If not, you can also check out camping spots that range from free to maybe $50 (bring your tent or sleep under the stars in your sleeping bag). Personally I don't like to deal with paid spots, so a lot of our camping is on BLM land. If you can swing it, try a hotel/camping road trip combo. This will save you money on accommodations, and lower the cost of your overall trip.

What other road trip essentials/tips do you think can be added to this list? Do you know about BLM land?

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