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How To Travel More

1. Use Your PTO This is your accrued vacation and sick time. You would be surprised at how many people do not take their vacation because they feel pressured to be at work. Take your vacation! You cannot fill others' cups if yours is empty. Besides, you earned it.

2. Utilize Long Weekends Mark your calendars to see when they are. I do this yearly and sometimes will plan a trip so it is one less vacation day I have to use. Depending on your destination, the downside is that most everyone will have that day off too and you may not escape the crowds.

3. Travel Cheaper You can do these in the following ways: - Use miles/points - Stay in a hostel/simple hotel - Visit family and friends out of town/overseas and see if they'll host you - Do a layover - Travel during off-peak season (which means you should also be buying your plane tickets and booking accommodations ahead of time!) - House sit - Plan quick getaways and/or explore close to home. - Travel in nature. Go camping/backpacking.

4. Travel With a Friend or In a Group This will cut down on overall costs!

5. Work Remotely More workplaces are seemingly flexible with this now (though there are still companies who are against this), so why not take advantage? Working while on vacation or a trip isn't always fun or glamorous, but it does give you an opportunity to stretch out your overall vacation time so you have more PTO to explore places. Besides- once you're done with the work day at your destination, you need only step outside of your door to start exploring.

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